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Sneak peek for a new kit - Designs by Romajo!

Hi everyone!

This week Marieke aka Designs by Romajo has a new kit. 
It will be in store on With love studio this Friday.

Can you guess what it is? A little hint: summer time!

ATS freebie - Easter madness QP9

Hi everyone!
Another freebie from April and me, 
from her kit "Easter madness".
This time it's downsized to 600 X 600 pixel (tagger size).

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What's new on WLS (24/06/2016)?

Hi everyone!
Lots of news in With love studio store today.
First, Time out scraps has new kits "It's a bugs life" and "Friends 4 ever".

Grace blossoms 4 U has kits "Total write off" and "Sunshiny day".

Sunshine inspired designs has paper templates and fonts, and also "In my magical garden" collection.

Aurelie scrap has kit "Addicted to you" - also compiled as collection, with all of add-ons.

Creations by Samantha has new kit "I is for ice cream"

Ilonka's scrapbook designs has kit "Sandy toes" - also compiled as collection with all od add-ons. Also, she has some commercial use elements.

MDD drag'n'drop has Layered masks.

Sugar moon designs has kit "Pub crawl".

Caroline B. has kit "Dulce" and "Tenderness" bundle.

Winks art graphics has kit "Cherry orchard".

Love it, scrap it has kit "Sun crushing".

So, now, let's go into the store and have fun!

ATS freebie - New beginnings QP1

Hi everyone!
It's time for another kit from April.
This time I chose New begginings, lovely blue/pink kit.
This is my first QP from that kit.

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ATS freebie - Celebrate Mom desktop 1

Hi everyone!
Another freebie from new kit "Celebrate Mom" in April's store. 
This time it's cover for your computer screen.

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Newsletter subscription

Hi everyone!
Well, I had to do it!
Since Mad mimi has so limited subscription for free users (only 100), 
I removed subsription form for my newsletter off the blog. 
I already have 97 subscribers and I don't have a way to pay for more.

I'll still post newsletter every Thursday for those who 
subscribed when it started. If you're not a subscriber 
you can post your request in comments under freebie 
that will be posted on blog on Thursday
(with picture of freebie that's in newsletter). 

Currently, I'm looking for another free program 
that will allow me to have more free subscribers, 
so if you know about one of those, please let me know.
Thank you

ATS freebie - Movie night QP7

Hi everyone!
This is new freebie from April's kit "Movie night".
You can find it in her store on Wilma4ever.

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Freebies on With love studio - challenges

Hi everyone!
One of my favorite thing is collecting freebies from all over Internet.
Now, since I'm - well, you can call it that - part of With love studio, 
I can get so many freebies during the month!
And best thing, they are available to anyone who register at their forum... 
because those freebeis are part of monthy challenges.
Now, let's see what I found this month... 
and also, reminder, there's still few more days to play challenges. 
Because the award for 10 challenges you finish is BIG (I mean, really big) XOXO collab, 
that's kit made by almost all of WLS designers together.

So, first one (and best, in my opinion) is: Shmooangel's mini kit called "Happy birthday". 
Now, if you play this challenge, you'll get that same, FULL kit also for free.
Link to download freebie:

Next one is template by Shelly Marie

And the last freebie is from Designs by Romajo. It's journal cards and it coordinated with her kit "#Spring Feelings: Spring awakenings" that you can find in her STORE

So, that's it for today, have a great day!

Digi blogtrain list - Vasculitis awareness

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My friends and their stops:  

Dea’s Design <= you are here

ATS freebie - Easter madness QP8

Hi everyone!
Todays freebie from April and me is
another QP from kit "Easter madness".

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What's new on With love studio (17/06/2016)?

Hi everyone!
Designers on With love studio have so many new things in their store.

First, Designs by Romajo has new kit "#SpringFeelings: Father's day"

Creations by Samantha has lovely new kit "So blessed"

Midnight oil has two new bundles, "With mirth and laughter" and "Good luck lies in Odd numbers".

Sunshine inspired designs has two mini kits.

Winks art graphics has new kit "That's my dad".

 HappyNess has new sets of elements.

Pamela Bachmayer has photo frames

So, now, let's go to store and find something!

ATS freebie - Celebrate Mom QP11

Hi everyone!
Another freebie from kit "Celebrate Mom" in April's store. 

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Designs by Romajo - new kits!

Hi everyone!
It's perfect day to announce new kits, which are coming to Designs by Romajo store on With love studio.
First up, it's kit related to Lovely colors theme that WLS designers have on 15th of every month.

Second one is on Friday, just in time for... you guessed it right - Father's day!

So, now you can go and look around the store, maybe you'll find something interesting!

ATS freebie - Movie night QP6

Hi everyone!
Another freebie from April's kit "Movie night".
You can find it in her store on Wilma4ever.

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What's new on WLS (10/06/2016)?

Hi everyone!
There's lots of new stuff on With love studio.
First is Marieke aka Designs by Romajo with templates I posted yesterday. Also, new kit "Dreaming of... expression".

Then, Ania aka Sunshine inspired designs has new collection "The mininalist".

Cristaly and WinksArt graphics have both new sets of templates.

Ilonka's scrapbook designs has a collection "This side of paradise".

Keley designs has bundle "Fishing time".

Shmooangel designs has kit "Lemonade stand".

MDD Drag'n'drop and Love it scrap it both have new templates

Dae designs has new kit "How does your garden grow"

So, now, let's go to STORE and pick something new and lovely!